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"Lion Family"
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As a youngster, I often visited the Highland Park Zoo.  It was a favorite entertainment for my family on a Sunday afternoon.  So it was natural for me to want to paint some of the animals.  When we came upon the lion family, it became apparent that a very wet watercolor would produce an excellent replica of the scene.

Since a very wet watercolor is an uncontrolled happening, it may take several applications to acquire the desired effect.  After I accomplish the basic effect desired, I go back into the composition to put in the enhancements that complete the rendering.

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Fine Art Giclée Print
What is a Fine Art Giclée Print?

Original renderng in watercolor.
Printed on archival quality, acid free paper

Image Size: 6.65” x 10” - $65.00
Image Size: 14.87” x 22.25” - $225.00
Other sizes available upon request.

  If you are interested in purchasing a Fine Art Giclée Print of this painting, email or phone Frank Demma Art at 412-921-7571 for more information.  

The original painting “Lion Family” is part of a private collection and is not for sale.

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