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"Coastline of Oregon"
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While sitting in the Physical Therapist’s office waiting for my wife, I spied a photograph on the receptionist’s desk. Striking up a conversation with her I questioned where this particular photograph was taken and told her it was my desire to paint it. She informed me it was a picture her husband had taken on their trip along the Oregon coast. She offered me the picture and stated she would like to see the finished product. I chose oil as the media for this rendition of the Coastline of Oregon. The finished product closely captures the photograph that was displayed on the receptionist’s desk.

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Fine Art Giclée Print
What is a Fine Art Giclée Print?

Original painted in oil.
Printed on acid free, matte canvas

Image Size:
8” x 9” - $65.00
Image Size:
20” x 23” - $250.00
Other sizes available upon request.

  If you are interested in purchasing a Fine Art Giclée Print of this painting, email or phone Frank Demma Art at 412-921-7571 for more information.  
  The original painting “Coastline of Oregon” is for sale.  

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