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The Placid Lake
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While touring Europe I was in awe of the vastness and beauty of the countryside.  It was while traveling through Belgium that I came upon this Placid Lake .  It was in late September or early October with just enough frost in the air to have the old master painter start the coloring process in the woods and mountains around me.   I took many pictures of this panoramic scene and when I returned home I decided to paint this vista in oil.

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Fine Art Giclée Print
What is a Fine Art Giclée Print?

Original painted in oil.
Printed on acid free, matte canvas

Image Size:
5.81”x10” - $65.00
Image Size: 25.8”x44.37” - $375.00
Other sizes available upon request.

  If you are interested in purchasing a Fine Art Giclée Print of this painting, email or phone Frank Demma Art at 412-921-7571 for more information.  
  The original painting “The Placid Lake” is for sale.  

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